Join us to be a part of this life and career-changing experience.

Camp dates: August 15-18, 2019



To us, ‘RAD’ stands for ‘Research And Design.’ The camp founders and our speakers are all creative professionals each with over 10 years of industry experience building amazing products who want to share what they know with you.

RAD isn’t just learning from other experts though: it is also about learning about you. At RAD Summit, we will help you learn about yourself by channeling that kid inside who craves ‘rad’ experiences.


Channel that kid inside!

We’re going to have a ton of fun! At RAD Summit, we’ll let you channel that kid inside who craves more rad experiences. We’ll be in the middle of forest, and at the foot of hillside hiking paths, a pond for canoeing and access to plenty of other outdoor activities. We also have some special events planned that we can’t share just yet ;)


Reignite your creativity

As a creative professional, your most powerful tool is not your MacBook, your favorite editor or that favorite pen; it’s you.

You make amazing products because of your personality, your quirks, your passions, your dreams and even your fears.

We created RAD Summit because we know that YOU are often neglected in favor of meeting deadlines, “networking” or feeling like you need to learn as much as possible about your craft to be relevant.

We’d like to change that.

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Your RAD Summit Hosts


Jeff Rodanski

Design Director, Pivotal


Tessa Reuber

Lead Production Chef, Footers Catering


Chris Alvarez

UX Design Lead, Derive Systems