To us, ‘RAD’ is ‘Research And Design.’

The camp founders and our speakers are all creative professionals – each with over 10 years of industry experience building amazing products – who want to share what they know with you.


Learn a lot about yourself

This isn’t just about learning from other experts though: You’ll also learn a lot about yourself. We’re creating a place where you’ll be able to connect with others who might do what you do, but have their own stories to tell. RAD Camp isn’t some cheesy networking event; it’s a place to share and celebrate the intangible things that allow us to do awesome work.


Channel that kid inside!

Finally, we’re going to have a ton of fun. At RAD Camp, we’ll let you channel that kid inside who craves more rad experiences. We’ll be in the middle of forest, and at the foot of hillside hiking paths, a pond for canoeing and access to plenty of other outdoor activities. We also have some special events planned that we can’t share just yet ;)