This workshop is going to be mostly on your feet, throwing stuff around, elbowing your neighbors, and generally not falling asleep. There will only be 2 presentation posters, I promise! And maybe even some extra RAD Summit schwag.

You’ll learn why self-organizing teams are the foundation of Agile and what that really means. Then for the more advanced part: how do you become the kind of leader who creates high-performing teams and not just collaborative groups of people? Are you creating the kind of workplace environment where people truly feel empowered — or are you inadvertently creating roadblocks for others? S.A.F.E.T.Y. first! (You’ll learn what that means later.)

This workshop is perfect whether you’re new to Agile or think you know everything about Agile — and whether you’re in a leadership position or not.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why self-organizing teams are important to Agile

  • What makes self-organizing teams so effective

  • How teams (Agile or not) can break down due to specific workplace triggers

  • How you can be the kind of leader that helps create high-performing teams

About Your Facilitator

Why are you teaching (again) at RAD Summit?

“I loved my first experience at RAD Summit in 2018 — and I couldn’t not come back! Everyone brings such a variety of diverse, interesting backgrounds to RAD, and the workshops provide the perfect opportunity to interact, share experiences, and learn from each other — so you can’t help but walk away having enjoyed yourself and learned something from everyone around you.”

What’s your craziest camping or outdoor experience?

This one time… I camped at Burning Man. The rest you can ask me about.

Natalia Story   Experience Consultant

Natalia Story

Experience Consultant

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