RAD Summit Camp Ticket

Your Price: $1,399

Your RAD Summit Camp Ticket includes EVERYTHING: meals, snacks, workshops, camp activities, transportation from Denver to camp (and back) and some special surprises.



Get ready for a life-changing, career-enhancing, all-inclusive experience.

All meals, lodging and transportation from Denver to camp (and back) are included. You won’t regret this decision, but don’t take our word for it – here’s what last year’s group had to say.

“Great group of people. In one word "organic"

“Grounding, inspiring, educational, wholesome.”

“Freaking Amazing. Life Changing.”

“A wonderful blend of workshops encouraging deep introspection, beautiful outdoors, and meaningful conversations with fellow campers.”

“Warm, welcoming, reflective, peaceful, FUN, enriching. Overall, the best conference I've been to because of the sense of community and sharing that it evoked.”

“In it's first year, RAD year was exactly what I hoped it would be.”

“Absolutely the best conference I've ever been to. A stellar success in its first year. Something I couldn't wait to go back to next year the second I got off the bus at the end of it.”

“RAD Summit was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. I truly feel I created genuine connections with new people, learned more about myself and my own capabilities, and felt for the first time in a while what it’s like to feel like a kid again.”


*RAD Summit Refund Policy: Refunds are available upon request before July 15th, and will be issued at the discretion of the camp team. We believe in doing the right thing and will work with you and your personal situation. Processing fees are non-refundable.