Questions about RAD Summit?

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We're committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, so before you go much further, please check out our code of conduct.

Ok, onward!


Q.What are the sleeping arrangements like?

A. You’ll be attending a camp-style conference at Camp Shady Brook, Colorado – a real summer camp! You won’t have to worry about pitching a tent, but this isn’t a 3-star hotel. You will be sleeping in a heated cabin or lodge with a few bunk beds that have bathrooms and showers attached. Dibs on top bunk!


Q.How do I get to RAD Summit

A. Parking is very limited at the camp, so we’re providing transportation from downtown Denver. Consider this your first camper challenge - enjoying a smooth, scenic bus ride through the Colorado aspens while you get to know your fellow campers. We’ll release the exact details this summer but we’re currently looking at a brewery in the RINO area of Denver.

Check-in location will be at Ironton Distillery & Crafthouse. Please be there by 11am. We will have food, drinks, & coffee.


Q.Do I have to stay all 3 nights?

A. We get it, things come up, but we put a lot of thought and care into the logistics for RAD Summit. We believe that a large part of the experience is being present for all 3 nights. Camp begins when we board the buses in Denver on Thursday and it ends when the bus drops everyone off on Sunday - no exceptions.


Q. Will I have cell service or wifi?

A. Come on now, this is camping! There is no WiFi available at the camp. Cell service is limited but you’re welcome to use the camp phone to call home if you’d like.


Q. How can my family reach me if there is an emergency?

A. A camp phone will be available and you’re welcome to pass the number to your family or friends just in case they need to reach you. Emergencies only though, pinkie-swear?


Q. What’s the schedule like?

A. We have activities, workshops and team-building exercises every day, with meals served at roughly the same time each day. Some days will have fewer, but longer activities. We’ll provide a mix and ultimately it’s up to you what you attend and don’t attend. You’re even welcome to take a nap (or two) in one of our many hammocks!

Q. What’s the weather like at camp? Will it snow?

A. If you’re from Colorado, you know what they say: “Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes and it’ll change.” August is the hottest part of the year in Colorado and you’ll likely be treated to hot temps during the day, but much cooler temps at night. If you’re a weather-nerd, you can check out the historical averages for the area.

Q.What do I need to bring?

A. We will send out a full gear guide to all the campers in July. For now though, you can plan to at least bring a warm coat, some layers, comfortable walking/hiking shoes, sunglasses and an open mind.


Q. Are there bears?

A. Yes. Black bears (not the huge, ferocious grizzly bears you find in Alaska) exist around here, but unless you take bacon showers you’re probably safe. You will, however, see other wildlife such as deer, squirrels, birds, moose, elk, bobcats, coyotes, fish and maybe a raccoon or two.