The Boredomfighters Foundation is a social entrepreneurship organization (on it’s way to becoming a 501c non-profit) that strives to increase access to music in marginalized communities.

“The Instrument Garden” is a mobile production studio full of musical instruments, toys and digital gadgets which combine to capture the creative energy and sound of an event. This session allows everyone from the most novice noisemaker to the most expert earbenders a place to learn and experience music creation together.

The Garden is accompanied by a diverse team of guest educators who help guide you through the music creation process. We’ll capture ambient noise, learn how to play instruments, and by the end of the session, have enough material to put together something the group can be proud of.

Through our partnership with RAD Summit and Camp Shady Brook, your participation in this session means you’ll be helping to send marginalized youth to summer camp, and bringing this experience closer to them.

Key Takeaways:

  • A shared experience, creating sounds, playing music and recording every part of it

  • Learning how to play a new instrument, or having time to jam on one you know how to play

  • At then end of camp, you’ll be able to listen to your recording and share it with others

The BoredomFighters   Some of the team,

The BoredomFighters

Some of the team,

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