New environments, people, and situations can challenge our sense of grounding and safety. For those reasons, trust is required for productively engaging ambiguity and navigating the unknown. In our jobs as well, trust is a vital component to collaboration, planning, execution, and even having a competitive advantage.

This workshop will challenge you to build relationships anchored by rapport, appreciation, empathy, and transparency — the four pillars of building trust. We will jump right into getting to know what makes each other tick. Afterwards, you will be able to take these concepts into your jobs and personal lives to create trusting environments that are safe and collaborative.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding of how Rapport, Appreciation, Empathy, Transparency are employed to build a sense of safety and collaboration

  • How to access camaraderie by seeing how others share your experiences in life and work

  • Techniques to build trust, and chip away at uncertainty

  • Understanding of basic principles for creating safe spaces where people are empowered to show up at their best, and collaborate well

  • Understand how the concepts of safety and certainty impact your ability to trust

  • “Wall of trust” a matrix of shared ideas about how we can better trust ourselves and those around us.

  • Takeaway packet

About Your Facilitator

Why are you teaching at RAD Summit?

“I love teaching techniques around design thinking; particularly how to access your voice and power. When you can hold the attention of a room with a well crafted agenda, it’s a powerful way to access your credibility and incorporate feedback. Every designer can design for trust.”

What’s your craziest camping or outdoor experience?

“I panicked while swimming to a sandbar in Lake Michigan one summer. As I was beginning to drown, a friend swam over and pulled me to safety while she repeated the line from Finding Nemo ‘Just keep swimming!’”.

Andy Detskas   Product Design Lead, Strava

Andy Detskas

Product Design Lead, Strava

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