My goal is to change bad office coffee. Seems simple, but it’s not that easy.

We had roasted for 2 years, thought we had everything dialed, but when we went to sell the product to customers they seemed to always think of things we hadn’t. “Do you have espresso” “Do you have decaf?” Every time we were faced with questions like this, it was back to the drawing board and finding time for reading books and experimenting.

When offices were a tough sell, we began targeting individuals. 2,500 door flyers later we got our first customer. Then, more questions… how do we deliver coffee? What about packaging?

All of these are examples of designing a process and having to go back and re-tool what you initially thought was sufficient. Questions, answers, more questions, new answers. In this workshop, I’ll walk you through my coffee-roasting journey and break apart the moments where we stopped to listen, learn and grow. Even if you don’t like coffee (gasp!), you’ll hopefully find some inspiration in this session that you can take back to your own workplace.

Key Takeaways:

  • A customer-centric approach to prioritizing improvements

  • Methods for re-tooling your process for efficiency (so you have more time to evolve)

  • Leave inspired and motivated to change/improve what you are doing in both professional and personal life.

About Your Facilitator

Why are you teaching at RAD Summit?

“As an entrepreneur for a growing coffee roasting business, I’ve been dragged through the trenches of what it takes to grind it out in a small business. Sharing stories, successes and failures and insight is how we all grow in both our personal and professional lives. I’m looking forward to sharing what i’ve learned so far to help motivate and give insight to others.”

What’s your craziest camping our outdoor experience?

“I’ve been relatively  fortunate to only have positive camping experiences, but i’ve had quite a few crazy outdoor experiences. One that comes to mind was on a motorcycle tour in the mountains of mexico when my dad crashed his bike and had a pretty bad broken leg. With no real health care nearby, we created a makeshift splint, drove 2.5 hrs, where i ended up temporarily casting his leg until surgery in Texas. That’s the mega condensed version.”

Josh Crane   Owner / Head Roaster / Bike Pedlar,  The Coffee Ride

Josh Crane

Owner / Head Roaster / Bike Pedlar, The Coffee Ride

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