In design, we don’t like to create hero culture, but the truth is, you’re a hero to somebody. Somebody is watching to see what you do next, learning from your actions, your triumphs, and your failures. However, they can’t see what’s hiding beneath the surface.

There are many barriers that exist to keep you from operating out of a place of safety. A lack of safety introduces fear, fear that must be met with the courage to examine the villains of our own design. This workshop will take you through methods in vulnerability to break down knowledge silos and overcome the blockades that keep you from leading well.

This workshop may be emotionally intense. Space to process and take breaks will be encouraged.

Key Takeaways:

  • Everyone has a superpower, what is yours? What is your kryptonite?

  • Discover how it feels to ask and be asked gently probing questions.

  • Experience the freedom of holding space for one-another in a structured way in order to generate insights and mitigate bias and fear.

  • Begin the process of understanding why you do what you do when work, and life, get hard.

  • Walk away with an awareness of the muscle behind your mindset, and ways to practice exercising it.

  • Equip yourself with the tools you need to help others do the same.

About Your Facilitator

Why are you teaching at RAD Summit?

RAD Summit is a special place where we are given a chance to take the tools of learning and value creation, and turn them onto ourselves. Everyone in our craft deserves to experience how it feels to be guided through our own uncertainties and look back on what you learn with a newfound clarity and sense of purpose.

What’s your craziest camping or outdoor experience?

“I was trekking through the Colorado mountains with some youth I had been mentoring. On day 3, we made our way to a lake in elevation near the tree line when a thunderstorm quickly rolled in. We hurried to the trees in search of some shelter from the storm when we happened upon an old hunting cabin that had long ago lost its windows and door. While we picked up the pace for the opening, suddenly the tree between us and the cabin exploded into a blinding flash of light with a concussive scream that descended into a rumble I felt in my  chest before I heard it. Stunned for a moment, we were left in a state where our ears, skin, and even the air, sizzled while we watched shards and chunks of wood fly and fall through a sudden trail of smoke.

The urge to run was only matched by the dread of moving for fear that I might be next and if only I hold still, it won’t see me.

We each decided in our own flash of sanity, to lunge for the cabin doorway in desperation. And it was a good thing we did. Bolts of lightning rained down with the angry spray of wind-bound  droplets in search of something to strike. But for that 30 minutes, we watched and covered our ears as the heavens discharged a raw power into the mountain around us in a reflection diffused by the body of water just outside our timber door.”

Coby Almond   Product Designer, Pivotal Software, Inc.

Coby Almond

Product Designer, Pivotal Software, Inc.


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