In today's increasingly complex digital world, matters relating to ethical decisions such as accessibility, data protection and artificial intelligence, are under increasing inquiry. As Designers and Product professionals, we must ask: What is the scope of our ethical considerations?

In this hands-on workshop participants will explore ethical design practices, as well as strategies we can use to drive conversations, decisions and outcomes towards more ethical solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the changing landscape of UX in relation to ethical design

  • Explore tactics to help simplify complex ideas and ethical concerns

  • Learn how to gain consensus and practice communicating decisions to others

About Your Facilitators

Why are you teaching (again) at RAD Summit?

“The attendees are the people who are building the future and RAD Summit allows you to be a part of that tapestry. You will meet other industry experts who are going to incite strength and wisdom that you will come to use in practice. I am looking forward to connecting with other passionate creatives while spending time in nature.” - Kate

“Kate told me about this opportunity to join forces on a topic we both care about. For good reason, there is a heightened awareness of ethics and privacy in the world we live in. As product people, we have a responsibility to ensure the solutions we work on have a non-negative social and environmental impact. I want to equip product people with the awareness and understanding they need to consider ethics in their decision making. Reflective conversations with curious people in the outdoors sounds like a great place to start!” - Liam

What’s your craziest camping or outdoor experience?

“A few years ago I completed the Kokoda, a trek through remote Papua New Guinean jungle. I was dropped into the jungle in a tiny plane and carried all of my gear for the pilgrimage. It is safe to say, it was one of the hardest, yet most satisfying things I have ever done.” - Kate

“On my most recent trip back to Oz, my dad and I went on a camping trip to the Warrumbungle National Park - Australia's only Dark Sky Park. We decided to bring a second-hand tent that a friend gave us, and unfortunately, we didn’t have time to test it before the trip. On the first night, we arrived in the dark and decided to sleep under the stars. It was one of the most beautiful views to fall asleep to! When the weather turned the next day, we decided to setup the tent, only to realise that poles were missing, broken or from another tent. A wonky tent in heavy rain reinforced the importance of testing.” - Liam

Kate Darmody   User Experience Designer, Solstice

Kate Darmody

User Experience Designer, Solstice

Liam Darmody   Sr. Product Manager, Pivotal

Liam Darmody

Sr. Product Manager, Pivotal

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